10 Places to Photograph

10 Places to Photograph

Any occasion calls for great photos and Fresno spots such as these are noteworthy for social media accounts, gallery walls, and in the frames of our very own homes. While there are dozens of notable locations from which to choose, check out this sampling of 10 places in Fresno to photograph.


Blossom Trail | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

When the bloom dates are just right, locals of the Central Valley will be roaming the beautiful orchards of the Fresno Blossom Trail. The fruitful trees are a hot commodity for engagement, graduation, or seasonal family photos. Approaching the trail from California Highway 99, bountiful rows of colorful blossoms stretch across the trail and coat the ground throughout the season.

Best times to visit are February and March while the blossoms are full and fruit bountiful. If crunched on time, consider stopping at the orchards on Shepard and Sunnyside. This exact spot isn’t a part of the trail, but a convenient way to still enjoy the scenery that’s located in North Fresno.

Fresno, CA 93725


Shinzen Japanese Garden in Woodward | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

North Fresno offers a multi use amenity known as Woodward Park. Rolling green hills,quiet trails, and lavish trees give photos an element of adventure with an opportunity to utilize natural light.

Located in the heart of Woodward Park, the Shinzen Japanese Garden showcases over 100 bonsai trees, blossoming greenery, and architectural goodness found over the bridge crossing still waters. This “living museum” is a flourishing photo opportunity for any occasion. Wide pathways and tucked away nooks within this park area makes for a gorgeous landscape in any professional or personal photography project. Photo permits are required for professional photography.

114 W Audubon Dr, Fresno, CA 93720


Tower District in Fresno | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

Surrounded by art exhibitions and vintage architectural design, the Tower District is a work of art in itself. The mural district located downtown is home to vibrant and massive pieces of street art stretching across the rustic walls of Fresno. A city staple is the Fresno stamp mural completed by Francisco Vargas. While wandering the streets, many other colorful and artistic art can be admired.

Metropolitan designs found in Tower and Downtown Fresno give any photo a touch of urban feel. Tower Theater enhances photo opportunities with its shining neon lights setting an old fashioned city tone.
A true favorite for any video or photo projects is the Garage #7 located on Inyo street in walking distance to Chukchansi Stadium. The spiral 4 story garage scans the charming city line while the lower levels offer striking light effects through the concrete pillars.

A historical sight often utilized for photography in Fresno stands tall on the newly remodeled Fulton Street. The Pacific Southwest building holds elegantly styled rooms throughout. The Mezzanine overlooks the Fresno Ballroom with intricate gold detail on the ceilings and deep red interior; fitting for photos during a formal event. The Bankers Vault, located in the basement of the Pacific Southwest building is the largest between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This vault is literally open to guests while colorful lights illuminate the enormous vault door.

3332, 815 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728


Kearney Park | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

Historical sites are a great way to add finesse to any photo. Kearney Mansion located onsite is always ready to be photographed. Its multi story French Renaissance style is unforgettable; especially if you have the time to travel 7 miles from Fresno to snap a photo. The victorian style fixtures and details are a true classic and photos don’t need to stop at the classic victorian framework. Green grass, tunneling trees, natural light and peacefulness stretch for 225 acres around the mansion offering endless opportunities for pristine photos.

6725 W Kearney Blvd, Fresno, CA 93706


Flag Barn in Madera | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

Heading north on Highway 41, commuters will approach an icon that has been cherished for years. The monumental Flag Barn has history and character behind the painted bold colors of the American Flag. Across the street from the Park n’ Ride is a chance to add some original art to any photo.

Madera, CA 93636


Yosemite Village | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

It’s simple to say that the landscapes of national parks make for a breathtaking setting.

Yosemite National Park, 61 miles from Fresno best known for its picture perfect overlook of Half Dome, unreal view of Glacier Point, and astonishing waterfall at Vernal Falls.

Sequoia National Park, 78 miles, and Kings Canyon National Park, 53 miles from the city is reputable for having the largest trees in the world making it difficult to fit some of them in a photo. With mountainous scenery and never ending foothills, these parks cannot be seen without capturing special moments on camera. Photo editing is hardly ever necessary for these outlooks.

9011 Village Dr, Yosemite Valley, CA 95389


River Park North Fresno | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

The best part about photography is putting an artistic spin on everyday spaces. Located in River Park, particularly between REI and Sur La Table, a quiet and long walkway stretches to the main shopping center. Seen above will be rows of wooden pillars with string lights and vines intertwined throughout. The space allows some natural light and quiet surroundings for a rustic element that will shine through any photo.

71 E Via la Plata, Fresno, CA 93720


California State University, Fresno | Instagram by @daisyprod

Along with eminent educational programs, Fresno State University includes beautifully designed modern architecture. The Henry Madden Library is 5 stories high and over 360,000 square feet; projecting the design of Native American basket weaving inside and out. The pristine exterior windows reach out to the end of campus while reflecting the scenery of the Peace Garden; a culturally and visually contemporary designed landscape.

The large fountain is central to campus. Whether graduation photos need to be taken or to adjust shutter speeds on camera, this reservoir is versatile as it gleams colorful changing lights throughout the nighttime. Proceeding, the rose garden lines the long walkway on campus that makes it impossible to not snap a photo.

5241 N Maple Ave, Fresno, CA 93740


Old Town Clovis | Instagram by @old_town_clovis

This charming area of Clovis displays a westerly feel through its architecture and building fronts. Anything but ordinary, Old Town Clovis has quirks on every corner. The brick wall that lines Kuppa Joy, an industrial coffee house is a popular backdrop for a quick photo op along with all the historical and pleasant designs this area has to offer.

Old Town Clovis, Clovis, CA 93612


Chaffee Zoo in Roeding Park | Instagram by @discoverfresnoofficial

One of Fresno’s four regional parks presents numerous photo opportunities. Roeding Park is a popular hangout spot for families and guests visiting Fresno. Lush spacious green lawns stretch across 148 acres, along with simplistic fountains and the photo worthy walkway. Massive concrete pillars are lined up creating a overhead exterior enclosed with delicate hanging vines.

Roeding Park is a great way to enjoy outside spaces in Fresno, but so is Chaffee Zoo located onsite. The zoo inhabits 39 acres of Roeding Park home to hundreds of different species; anyone bringing their camera to Roeding won’t be able to get enough.

894 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728



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