Fresno, the southern part of the Central Valley takes up 112 square miles being the fifth most populous city in California with census population of about 520,129 as of 2016. Geographically locatin the center of the state, surrounding cities, towns, and national parks are only a few hours diving distance from Fresno and Clovis areas. Three nature destinations include Yosemite National Park (61 miles), Kings Canyon National Park (53 miles), and Sequoia National Park (78 miles). Short road trips from Fresno can also take any traveler soothing coastal cities such as San Luis Obispo (145 miles) or Monterey (160 miles).  




Downtown Fresno

The reputation of the ever expanding, and historical Downtown Fresno is an industrial metropolis that holds character and opportunity. 12,000 square foot Mariposa Square, located in the heart of downtown allows a space for cultural events, relaxation, and a welcoming to celebrations. Revitalization has been in full effect for years now when it comes to downtown. Events such as CArtHop and Christmas parades take place in Mariposa Square. 


Tower District

tower district fresno

The exuberant Tower District is the art, dining, and entertainment district of Fresno. Majority of the businesses are locally owned and operated presenting a mixture of amenities that are out of the ordinary. Tower District is an exciting place for tourists or a night of celebration, essential medical services, grocery stores, Churches, real estate, and law firms are always here to support the locals that reside in the apartments and townhouses in the surrounding area. 


River Park

River Park Fresno

The renowned and ever expanding area of River Park located in North Fresno will keep guests coming back time and time again. Where work and play meet entertainment, shopping, and fun, the possibilities are endless. Multiple parking lots surround the area so there’s always enough for everyone! Not to mention, it’s just a short walk from business to business; giving you the perfect time to enjoy the outdoor landscape and contemporary design.



North Fresno

The city of Fresno isn’t just a city. A few miles from high mountains, large lakes, and quiet rivers is what lies in Northeast Fresno. A community favorite was founded by Ralph Woodward in 1968 and serves residents in so many ways. Northeast Fresno is home to many spacious apartments, gated communities right on the lake, and town homes that make up a picture perfect suburban area. Landscape lines the streets with a mixture of trees and greenery that makes this residential area feel far from a busy city. 


Fig Garden

Fig Garden Fresno

Located on the Westside of Fresno, the quaint area of Fig Garden is home of luxury and attracts many residents of Fresno. Old Fig Village houses many residents and amenities located nearby. Whole Foods, Lululemon, Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer, and Anthropologie are retail masterpieces that were placed in the area. Locally owned and operated restaurants like Patio Cafe, a mixture of French and American cuisine and Jack’s Urban Eats, a destination for rich soups, customizable salads, dinner plates, and creamy mac and cheese are in the heart of Fig Garden.


Campus Pointe

Campus Pointe Fresno

Campus Pointe is a newly introduced metropolitan experience that fulfills the needs of the Fresno community. This destination has established itself as a major attraction by combining a rich variety of dining, entertainment, and shopping experience conveniently located at Fresno State. This destination is just a quick walk or bike ride to The Save Mart Center and The Palazzo student housing. Spacious parking lots surround the plaza for guests to utilize when planning a visit. 




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