Fresno has some of the best upcoming urban art in the country, with over 200 documented and growing, throughout Fresno. These murals teach history and celebrate cultural diversity. Fresno is fortunate to have a thriving art community. Take time to look closely at our murals to get a better feel for Fresno, a beautiful and complex city in the heart of California.

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The 1612 Fulton mural shoes a women as a butterfly kissing a man, the words “Art Inspires Life” border this beautiful art piece.  Located in beautiful Mural District Fresno & for more visit Mural Fresno.

1698 Broadway Corner mural shows a women with blue wings and a bright white moon shining behind her. Located in beautiful Mural District Fresno & for more visit Mural Fresno.

Amazing Grace mural on Cornerstone Church in Fresno. This Mural represents a music sheet of the song Amazing Grace. The mural has lyrics following each musical note. One of several in Fresno‘s Mural District.

The Amvets building mural is a vibrant patriotic piece that features the statue of liberty, the American bald eagle, United States military, and Native american background. Located in beautiful Downtown Fresno & for more visit Murals Fresno.

Art Hop is hosted every first Thursday of every month, the words “FIRST THURSDAY” on this mural are referring to the art hop schedule. Located in beautiful Mural District Fresno & for more visit Murals Fresno.

The Art is Now mural shows two men sitting on a bench, one is blowing a bubble in the shape of a light bulb. The mural has the words” Art is now, this is neighborhood” bordering above the mural. The second art piece of this mural shows…

The Aztec warrior was highly honored in society if he was successful. Success depended on bravery in battle, tactical skill, heroic deeds and most of all, in capturing enemy warriors. Mural is located in Fresno‘s Tower District area.